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 :: Vision ::

The vision of PracTel, Inc. is to establish itself as a leading consultant company in the area of high-capacity network design and implementation. The aim of the company is to aggressively acquire market clientele by offering a large number of products and services to its customers using state-of -art technology.

 :: Mission ::

Our mission is to provide its customers with cost-effective solutions for their telecommunications needs. This cost efficiency is combined with the high quality of service as well as with abilities of network growth. We reach records in the network cost efficiency (among other factors) by:

  • Network design optimization, and
  • Vendors' equipment volume purchasing.

Our diverse customer base allows for a broad spectrum of qualifications. The customer base includes:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Campuses
  • Service Providers
  • Government Organizations
  • Large and middle size companies with the need to have high capacity communications bandwidth.

Supporting Current Applications and the Network Impact, The Network Capacity, The Future Applications, Security, Reliability and Redundancy, as well as Competition have been our Business Drivers. Let PracTel, Inc. be your guide through the maze of new technologies and company growth.