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 :: Professional Services ::

We take on total project responsibility with projects completed on time and within budget. Our services include:

  • Provide initial and outgoing engineering services in the cost-effective design and build-out of telecommunications systems, meeting the customers' requirements in the timely manner and providing for further growth.
  • Perform market analysis and due diligence in the area of acquisitions and strategic alliances of telecommunications companies.
  • Device network design of fiber optics systems.
  • Perform network design of terrestrial systems.
  • Perform network design of satellite systems.
  • Render analysis of the fiber data for fiber characterization
  • Perform RFP/RFQ analysis and writing RFQ/RFI in above-mentioned areas.
  • Prepare vendor-specific economical analysis and comparison technology and cost efficiency.
  • Perform on-site training of the local personnel.

 :: Execution ::

Following the feasibility study, PracTel, Inc. prepares the best efforts cost projection for implementing a network. This includes:

  • Analysis and identification of proper equipment based on experience, calculations and by research and reviewing the latest available technology.
  • Preparation of budget models to include equipment, design efforts, and ancillary services.
  • Preparation of construction timetables, project schedules.
  • Negotiation of sites for equipment placing and fiber lying.
  • Acquisition of equipment for network installation and integration.
  • Prepare turn key network installation and acceptance testing. Analyze current traffic requirements and patterns and model future traffic growth.
  • Negotiation of procedures for insuring initial and outgoing maintenance of facilities and training of in-house and third-party support.