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PracTel, Inc. uses only state-of-art communications technology. This requires us to:

  • Participate in the major telecommunications trade shows and conference in the related areas.
  • On-line subscribe to all major standard organizations published reports and recommendations, including ITU-T, Telcordia, IEEE.
  • Keep and maintain a web site with collection of the current vendors equipment, their products, including IP, fiber optics, satellite and terrestrial equipment.
  • Use equipment that is currently available and can be easy upgradeable to new standards (GFP, GMPLS, G-709) and other.
  • Use equipment to design networks with the best means of protection from failures.

Our network designs are based on Sonet/SDH, IP, OOO, GE and other advanced technologies and we provide complete network solutions including Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems. All equipment is certified by respective standard organizations such as Telcordia and other. Recognizable experts in the respective areas support all project stages.